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March 21, 2023
We LOVE Wallpaper.
March 21, 2023
Many of you might have noticed that we have been using a lot of different wallpapers to match with our versatile interior design over the years. Depending on the theme, they can be bold and colorful, or they can be plain and subtle. Sometimes it's the living and dining room. Sometimes it's the bedroom. Sometimes even the bathroom.

A piece of wallpaper can actually DEFINE a project.

It is the easiest way of creating a feature wall, without spending loads of money. And better yet, you can just remove it in case you get tired of it and replace with a new one. Just like fashion.

So yes, we love wallpaper. How about you?
ABBY | Nordic Forest
JANICE | Mid-Century Retro
ANN | Touch The Clouds
DINA | When East Meets West
ELLE | Who says wallpaper has to cover the whole wall?
KARENA | On The Horizon
JESSICA | Let's Hear The Birds Sing
MELANIE | Feeling Japandi
LIZA | Timeless Chinoiserie
CAROLINE | Pink is her favorite
CAROLINE | "Petals, Petals."
SHARON | Floral Elegance
ELENORE | Geometric Fun


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