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February 14, 2022
Bath Time Again: Young & Playful
February 14, 2022
While we have designed many mature looking bathrooms, we have also created a lot of fun and interesting ones for young families.

Sometimes it's bold graphic patterns.
Sometimes it's a mix-and-match of different material textures.
Sometimes it's the use of colors. Green. Blue. Purple. Pink. Black. All coming together in perfect harmony.

You name it, you have it.
CRYSTAL | Geometric Fun On Top
CRYSTAL | Geometric Fun At Bottom
STACY | Follow The NEON Lines
ABBY | Why Not Jade?
AVA | Terrazzo Play I
JANICE | Terrazzo Play II
NICOLE | Terrazzo Play III
NICOLE | A Swim In The Ocean
KAY | Retro Puzzle
CHRISTINE | Organised Lines Vs Random Stones
CAROLINE | Feeling The Denim
CHRISTINE | Touch of Purple
JESSICA | Pink? No Problem.
JAY | Black & White Grid


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