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Pok Fu Lam,
Hong Kong
2,517 ft²
Date of Completion
June 2015
How do you work on the interior design when the owner already has an amazing personal collection of antique furniture, art pieces and lamps to showcase? Well, you make it look like it hasn’t even been “designed”. 

The background is kept as clean as possible to let the signature loose pieces find their spot to shine. Small space planning adjustments are made so the storage needs are fulfilled. All the little fitting details are checked. Then checked again. You make sure the material choices are subtle, sustainable and well thought through. Or to put it another way, you are never tempted to “overdesign” with too many unnecessary features. Keep it humble so everything appears effortless.

Let’s enjoy the harmony of this spacious apartment of a well-established Indian family with a long heritage in Hong Kong. 


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