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2,615 ft²
Date of Completion
December 2017
For this old family house with a well-respected history in Hong Kong, we were given the opportunity to redesign the top level for the younger generation and their family.

As we step inside the entrance, the antique oriental furniture pieces were retained in great condition, matching with a marble foyer as a tribute to the ancestors. Chevron flooring was used throughout the house to provide a modern classic background. The huge living area was connected to the equally spacious open kitchen and dining area, highlighted by the geometrically aligned floor tiles and the eye-catching dining light from Roll & Hill. The study room was the couple’s usual hangout spot, accented with a green molding cabinet for their liking. Walking through the corridor, the laundry room and storage room were perfectly concealed on each side. The kid’s bedroom was her own little Nordic playground and we extended the playfulness to her bathroom with the fun gridline tiles. The guest suite was designed in a similar theme, it will become another kid’s bedroom whenever the family is ready to expand. The master suite was given a modern English feel, featuring an elegant standalone bathtub as the statement piece.

Heritage as we know, is now preserved in a contemporary fashion.


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