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3,007 ft²
Date of Completion
December 2021
It is a very unique project to design connecting flats, not 2, but 4. As this is the home for a couple and their lovely cats, spacing planning wise it is very simple. On one end, the bigger 2 flats are combined and turned into his and her private suites, their spacious living room and shared study. The transit hallway is now the pantry and home of the cutie kittens. The smaller 2 flats on the other end are also connected to make room for an expanded open kitchen, their common dining room, a piano lounge and the helper’s area. There is even a private gym, overlooking Lion Rock, the symbol of Hong Kong. That is exactly the reason they chose this location to build their city home many many years ago.

While a lot has changed, we are still HongKongers no matter what happened. Together, and united as one.


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