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Mid-Levels East,
Hong Kong
1,350 ft²
Date of Completion
January 2013
8:30 in the morning. From the kitchen wafts the scent of freshly brewed espresso. Golden rays of sunlight ignite the room as you enjoy your wife’s homemade breakfast sitting by the fireplace with your dogs. Birds are singing on the trees outside while your kids greet you with a heartwarming “Good Morning, Daddy”. It’s amazing how nature can bring a sense of tranquility to your home. 

With selective use of earthy colors, vintage furniture, natural stone walls and rustic wood flooring - together with the family’s collectibles from all over the world - we bring a touch of Tuscany to this spacious 3-bedroom apartment. Now, to be perfectly honest, don’t you just get a little tired of those cold minimalistic designs?


Our scope of work ranges from interior and furniture design to interior styling and project management.
We also help clients source furniture, lights and accessories from around the world.
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