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Tung Chung,
Hong Kong
1,747 ft²
Date of Completion
June 2015
Dad sets a clean and minimalistic tone. 
Mom adds her own artistic touch.
Son just gets excited about creating a COOL new home.
And we want to create the right balance to make sure everything looks COOL, not cold. 

Originally a spacious 3-bedroom apartment, the master suite is completely transformed to create maximum storage and a lovely vanity corner for the lady of the home. The adjacent room is now a walk-in closet/study combo space for the couple. Meanwhile, the son’s room is designed with a mature flavor for the soon-to-be young man. A mini-bar is quietly hidden behind the dining area, perfect for entertaining guests and hosting family parties, regularly. And so the space is always filled with LIFE. 

For a simple family of 3, nothing needs to be excessive.


Our scope of work ranges from interior and furniture design to interior styling and project management.
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